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I think it is safe to say that we all have days we just do NOT want to leave the house under any circumstances.  But how can we stay at home and still get a good strength workout in?  With a few pieces of equipment and a strong ninja mindset, you can train like a beast – and keep your PJs on!  If you are a sweaty lil’ bugger like me then fleece PJs are a no-go, but you get the idea.  Here are a few key nuggets to help you get your home gym started!


Now friends, you don’t have to break the bank and take out a second mortgage to set up a gym complex in your home.  A few pieces of equipment will do just fine, at least for the majority of you.  Some of us might dream of having our own barbells and racks at home one day (home becomes a gym with a bed on the side), but we are a little sick in the head.  Here are my equipment picks to give you the most bang for your buck while leaving you with enough space to walk around without tripping over things.

1.)  Dumbbells – Preferably adjustable.  Why adjustable?

  • You can use one set for your entire body by removing or adding plates depending on the exercise.
  • They take up a lot less space than a bunch of separate ones.  Most adjustable sets come with differently sized FLAT plates, which allows you to stack them quite cleanly.
  • As you become stronger and want to increase the poundage, you won’t have to worry about buying a new set of dumbbells.  This will not only save you money in the long run, but also TIME.   You will continue your ascent to greatness without delays (for example, finding the time to go out and buy that next set), which can put you in the steam-loss danger zone.

Be sure to get a set with enough plates to challenge you, I suggest at least 45LBS/20KG if you are just starting.  A basic set should only cost you around $40-$60.

2.)  Resistance Bands – These little guys are super cheap and super awesome!  I love me a little glute work with these babies.  I use the closed resistance bands for mainly leg/glute work, but they can also be used for upper body exercises.  I also have an open resistance band with handles that I use more for upper body and arms stuff.  Be sure to grab any or all of these to add a little spice to your workouts.  A closed set of 4 (color usually denotes resistance strength) will run you less than $5-$10!

3.)  Yoga Mat – I picked up a cheap yoga mat for less than $10 years ago.  This yoga mat has been used on hardwood floors, carpet and even on grass.  It can make floor-based exercises a bit more comfortable – and also keep your floors safe from sweat droppings.

4.)  Stability Ball – I use my stability ball for a lot of core-based exercises.  Stability balls can make an exercise more challenging because you are forced to not only do the exercise, but do it on an unstable surface.  Brace those abs, baby!

5.)  Foam Roller – Everybody (except for super ticklish people) loves a good massage.   Get one everyday using a foam roller.  It feels really good.  Foam rollers can help you RECOVER from a long workout.  Recovery is a step that a lot of people overlook when working out.  The faster you recover, the faster you will be back to pumping out your next set of squats in your home gym!

Total Cost:  approximately $75-$100.  Value:  PRICELESS, of course!


Effectively working out at home requires a lot of mental fortitude.  Would I rather be lying on my bed watching a cute animal video?  Probably.  The key to working out at home is creating a “I’m NOT at home” mindset.  How can you do that?

1.)  Designate a workout space– Allocate a space somewhere in your home, whether it is a corner of your office or the bathtub, and call it your gym.  Every time you workout at home, you should work out in that space.  Now, you don’t need to keep your equipment there all the time (might get a little uncomfortable when you are trying to take a bath, he he), but you should prepare the space in advance whenever you are planning to work out.  That could be an hour before or the night before.  Get all your equipment out, set up your water/towel and know that when you walk into the space, your workout begins.

2.)  NO Distractions – No TV, no phone.  Get rid of everything.

3.)  Music – Use music to help you get into the mood.  Set up a great playlist in advance with songs that PUMP YOU UP.   Maybe even pick one song that you start your workout with.  When you hear that song, it’s game time.  Music is an extremely powerful mind-altering tool.  Recent research studies show that listening to music while training can significantly boost your performance.  So grab your headphones, line up your favorite tunes and head over to the bathtub!


Here is one of my favorite home gym workouts to get you started.   If you are a newbie, you can do most of these exercises with no weights – for the ones that require weights, start light and go heavier when you feel ready.  Check out my video to see how the exercises are done


Well, there you have it, pals!  Feel free to report back once you’ve set up your home gym.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to receive awesome videos like this one when they are fresh off the press.


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