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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!  So hey, now that the Winter season is upon us, some of you are probably planning to hit the slopes in the next couple of months.  Some of you may have also already gone into hibernation mode once it started getting chilly and aren’t quite up to physical snuff for the demands of a full-day (or week) of skiing/snowboarding.  No need to panic, I am here to help!  Get ready to move, though.  It is now or never.  I have prepared two short workouts to help you prepare for your upcoming ski trip.  Ready?  Set. GO!

CUE 1 (Level 1):  Start by doing one Workout #1 OR Workout #2 everyday, alternating days.

CUE 2 (Level 2):  Double your daily workout by doing 2 rounds per day. (For example, Workout #1 x 2)

CUE 3 (Level 2):   Combine Workout #1 with Workout #2, but always do Workout #1 first! (To avoid excessive fatigue from HIIT)

CUE 4 (Level 2-3):  Do both Workout #1 & Workout #2 1x or 2x per day but at different times during the day.  (The larger the time gap, the better)

—>Make sure to watch the video for exercise demos and options!





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