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Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. -Francis of Assisi

Now is the time.  Get your workout on with this introduction to strength training.  This video is targeted towards absolute beginners and will teach you the foundational movement patterns that you need in order to start your strength training journey.  Here is a list of the exercises demonstrated in the video:



1.)  Start by doing this program 2-3 times a week.

2.) Exercise Rounds

  • Perform 10 repetitions of the exercise
  • Take a short break (30 seconds)
  • Do another 10 repetitions of the exercise
  • Take a short break (30 seconds)
  • Do one more round of 10 repetitions of the exercise
  • Move on to the next exercise

3.) Progression Options (when the 3×10 series becomes too easy)

  • Perform more repetitions of each exercise (12-15)
  • Add another round (4 rounds instead of 3)

4.) When you have mastered this program, move on to my HOME GYM ESSENTIALS video for your first dumbbell workout.

It takes time to build your strength, but if you are patient and you keep working hard, you will eventually achieve what you want.  Don’t forget to always challenge yourself.  Building strength is like a series of new beginnings.  You move up, master one level, then start from scratch on the next one.  It is hard work but the benefits (mind, body, soul) are enormous.  Believe in yourself and keep pushing ahead.


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  1. Bravo pour ce programme bien pensé et bien adapté pour les débutants et les seniors. Il faut commencer doucement pour ne pas se décourager et se blesser. J’ai une question. Je n’ai pas de bande élastique mais par contre, j’ai un T-Rex à la maison. Comment l’utiliser pour se muscler les bras ? Merci à toi.

    1. Je vais vous réponde directement avec des exercises pour le TRX. C’est un peu complique d’expliquer ici 🙂

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