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If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning.  And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.  – my man Mark Twain

Ribbit!  Gag.  Cough.  Swallow.  Ok, so maybe we are not likely to be eating any frogs around here.  Whew, glad that’s off the table.  So what’s is on the table?  Well, you’ve got 5 options!  With any of these 5 delicious, power-boosting breakfast recipes, you can have your breakfast and enjoy it, too, without having to close your eyes, pinch your nose, and swallow.  You will avoid a throat full of warts and an embattled afternoon fighting the creature trying to crawl back up your esophagus.  Now doesn’t that sound nice??  Without further ado….

This here is my go-to daily breakfast.  It is quick, easy and ultra filling!  You can never go wrong with a big bowl of oats topped by all sorts of magical deliciousness.  Make sure to keep a bunch of toppings (fruit, nuts, seeds, etc.) continually on hand and you will never be bored!  If you are looking for something more refreshing, check out my recipe for Overnight Oats here.



This glorified smoothie is perfect for those of you who want to head straight to the gym after a quick fuel-up.  Smoothie bowls are awesome because you can add all kinds of nutritious toppings and actually feel like you’re eating, not slurping, something for breakfast.  It’s all about the texture.

It is nice to spice things up when you have a bit more time to mess around in the morning.  This tofu scramble is a scrumptious way to appease your savory-craving tastebuds and get in a good dose of veggies at the same time.  I like to eat my scramble with tortillas, soy yogurt and hot sauce.

There’s nothing better than a good taco.  Nothing.





Sometimes you just have to get up and go.  Or maybe you would rather sleep in and eat your breakfast en route to wherever you’re going.  Enter the classic banana muffin and green smoothie!  Make your banana muffins in advance and throw the smoothie together as you are getting dressed.  You can make a ton of muffins and freeze them.  Take one (or 2) out the night before to defrost and it will be ready to eat while you’re biking to work!  Er, you might want to wait until you get there to chow down.  If you are too lazy to prepare the banana muffins, by all means just go for the smoothie.  I would recommend adding a scoop of protein powder or nut butter (or both) to the mix to give it a little boost.

As a half-Japanese girl, the flavors of my mother’s home country fill my senses with delight and a feeling of home.  Though it may seem weird to eat soup for breakfast, I dare you to try it!  I like to eat my soup with a big bowl of white rice.  Take a little nori, dip it in soy sauce, and scoop that rice up into your waiting mouth.

This is a breakfast adventure you don’t want to miss!

So the next time someone tries to tell you that breakfast is for chumps, show them this and change their mind.  Let me know how your breakfast adventures turn out!

Remember, if you want to be a champion, you have to eat like one.

Rise Above!

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