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What I want to know is not how high you can jump, but how low…

You don’t have to be a Benedictine monk to self-flagellate. All you need is a jump rope!  That might be what you are telling yourself as yet another red welt appears on your brutalized leg after a failed attempt to jump over the damned rope.  Self-flagellation may have its uses, but we can probably agree that most of us do not want to experience it regularly, if ever.

Don’t you worry, dear friend, I’ve got you covered.  Follow my instructions and you will quickly learn how to jump rope – without a side of self-flagellation.  Once you have the basics down, practice with the 2 badass jump rope workouts featured in the video.  With a little punk rock on your side, you will be bouncing off the ground in no time.  Remember, practice makes perfect, so ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.


*Be sure to check the video for visual instructions!!


Grab your rope, put it under one foot and pull the handles together up towards your shoulder.  The handles should come to about the top of your shoulder, especially if you are a beginner.  If the rope is too long, tie a knot under the handle on one side.  Check the rope length again.  If it is still too long, tie a knot on the other side.  Repeat this process until the length is just right.  If your rope is huge, you may have to cut it until it is at a more manageable length.  You don’t want to have a bajillion knots on the sides of your rope.  As you get used to jumping, you can play around with the rope size to find the most comfortable fit for you.  Anywhere between the armpit and the top of the shoulder works for most people.


You want to grasp the handles in a thumbs up position.  If you look down at your hand as you are getting ready to jump rope, you will should see your thumb resting on the top of the handle, extended, with your fingers wrapping around the bottom.


Make sure your upper arms are close to your body and your elbows are coming in towards your ribs.  Your forearms will extend downwards at about a 45-degree angle from your body, palms up.  Your forearms will rest in a position forward of the body.  If you look at yourself in a mirror from the side, your forearms should jut out in front.


It’s all in the wrists, baby!  Turn your rope using your wrists.  Your arms should remain tight at your sides with your elbows in towards your ribs. When you let your arms move too far out from your body, they will start doing all the work and you will fatigue very quickly.  If you want to be able to jump for 10 minutes straight, best move those wrists!


Keep your knees slightly bent the entire time you are jumping.  You want to keep your knees soft to lessen the impact of your landing.  Think of yourself as a spring.  The second you land you want to get right back up into the air.   Think buoyancy.  You are light as a feather!


Strike the ground with pads or balls of your feet.  Your heels should never touch the ground.  You should notice that landing with this part of your foot is very, very comfortable.   It will also give you a killer calf workout!


Keep in mind when you jump that your rope is very thin.  You only need to jump high enough to clear the rope.  If you jump super high, you will get really tired, really fast.  This is a big challenge for beginners.  Try jumping without the rope first to get a feeling for how high you should be jumping.

Now put all of these steps together and PRACTICE.  When I first started, it took me a few weeks to get the hang of it, so don’t get discouraged.  You will be out of the beginner zone in no time!

Special thanks to The Turbo A.C.’s and Red Dons for their rad tunes.  You can find out more about the bands here:

COMBO #1: The Turbo A.C.’s – “The Future”

COMBO #2: Red Dons – “Ausländer”

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