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Hello, buds!  I’ve been making the most of my last few months in Japan by traveling all over the place.  In between vacation weeks, I did manage to compete at my second ever Powerlifting meet.  Hell yea!  It was totally righteous.  Here is a quick recap of what was happening during the month leading into the competition.


As you might know from my first Diary of a Vegan Powerlifter video back in August, I have been bulking up in the hopes of getting stronger and gaining muscle.  At my first Powerlifting competition in May, I weighed in at 56KG and competed in the 57KG class.  For this meet, I weighed in at 61KG and competed in the 63KG class.  I managed to get bigger, stronger and also improve all of my lifts. I am definitely, overall (and by WILKS), a bit stronger.  Once I am finished bulking up next year, I hope that I will be able to build yuuuuuuuge muscles and improve my strength dramatically.


While the circumstances leading up to the meet were not ideal because I was on vacation, it didn’t seem to hinder my performance. I was worried that being away from home and not eating the foods I was used to or sleeping in my bed/getting quality sleep would be detrimental to my performance.  I definitely wasn’t feeling 100% on meet day, sleeping in the back of a van for a week probably had something to do with it (it might’ve also been due to the untimely arrival of an annoying monthly visitor), but in the end I was able to pull it together.  I was a little worried about getting my final training sessions in while on vacation, but I managed to find a gym in Okinawa for the final 2 sessions.  The gym was barebones, pretty old-school, but the facilities were really nice.  I got to enjoy a nice sauna/onsen post-training, which was a serious treat.


I had such a great first meet experience that I was a little worried my second meet would be disappointing.  It ended up being even better than the first, at least performance-wise.  My first meet will always be special, obviously, because it was such a new and exciting experience, but I now realize that every meet has the potential to top the previous one.  Not every meet is going to be perfect, but your goals will continually change and certain aspects will be more/less important to you at each competition.  For now, I am happy to have finished my 1st season Powerlifting on a good note. I will leave Japan with nothing but fond memories, and look forward to continuing my Powerlifting journey in Europe and the US next year!!!

Check out the vid to see my whole meet-day experience.  Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and find me on Instagram if you want to stay updated on my Powerlifting adventures!


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